STATE DEPT EMAIL: Hillary emails show ties to Rahm, Blumenthal, Clinton Foundation 

A trove of Hillary Clinton’s private emails made public by the State Department Thursday highlighted the former secretary of state’s ties to figures outside the agency she ran during President Obama’s first term.

Photo Credit Kisa Kuyruk /

Photo Credit Kisa Kuyruk /

As Written By Sarah Westwood for The Washington Examiner:

Like most previous batches of Clinton emails, the records detailed the former secretary of state’s close relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, a divisive former aide and informal advisor while she worked at the State Department.

But the new emails also show the extent to which Clinton attempted to conceal her personal relationship to Blumenthal.

For example, after Blumenthal emailed her a Foreign Policy story in March 2010 about Gen. David Petraeus and prefaced the article with a personal note, Clinton asked an aide to print five copies of the email “but w/o heading from Sid.”

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