Obama to Dems: Back my gun-control play or I won’t campaign for you 

Where to start with Obama’s threat?


As Written BY ED MORRISSEY for Hot Air:

It turns out that Barack Obama wants to play hardball on gun control with everyone. The President penned an essay for the New York Times which went online shortly before the start of his CNN town hall on gun issues. For the most part, Obama regurgitated the same arguments he’s made all along, but almost buried in the middle of the column was a new threat, this one aimed at Democrats who won’t play ball with him in Congress:

Even as I continue to take every action possible as president, I will also take every action I can as a citizen. I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform. And if the 90 percent of Americans who do support common-sense gun reforms join me, we will elect the leadership we deserve.

Where to start with this threat? First, the numbers behind it are laughable. The “90%” claim comes from this Gallup poll showing 86% of people favor universal background checks for all gun purchases.” That’s what we already have, except for personal transactions, usually between family members. Online and gun-show sales from retailers still require a background check through a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL), and the change Obama announced only made an ambiguity between retailers and hobbyists even more ambiguous. In poll after poll, though, Americans don’t consider gun control a primary or even secondary public issue, and recently two media polling series have shown majority opposition to so-called “assault weapons” bans for the first time.

The disconnect between Obama’s “90%” rhetoric and reality can be seen in the …..




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