Obama Ex-Military Intelligence Chief: Obama Ignored Islamic State

This might be the one issue Obama has stayed consistent on. Ignoring Islamic State.

Check it out:

According to retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Obama’s former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency the reason for the growth of ISIS can be summed up in one sentence,  “Bin Laden is dead, al Qaeda is on the run.” That campaign theme was the reason Barack Obama ignored ISIS until until the terror organization had a chance to grow into a regional Caliphate.

“I think that they did not meet a narrative the White House needed. And I’ll be very candid with you, they just didn’t,” retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.”

“I think the narrative was that al Qaeda was on the run, and (Osama) bin Laden was dead … they’re dead and these guys are, we’ve beaten them,” Flynn said, but the problem was that despite how many terrorist leaders they killed they “continue to just multiply.”

Flynn confirmed what may of us suspected, that Obama was served poorly by a small circle of advisers who were worried about his re-election prospects at the time. They believed that Obama needed to convey that cutting and running out of Iraq would not create a vacuum which would allow the rise of Islamist terrorists like ISIS.

Flynn also cautioned that it is likely that the U.S. will suffer a major attack like the recent one in Paris



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