Carson calls California shooting a ‘hate crime’

Ben Carson really seems to be messing up lately. Sure you can’t really argue with this statement, but “hate crime” is the language of the left. What crime isn’t some form of hate? Why should you get extra time because you hated? Should I get less time if I say I love you before doing something horrible? Not to mention this is terrorism committed by evil Muslims.

Check it out:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Wednesday called the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, which had happened hours earlier, a “hate crime.”

“Look at what happened,” he said at a news conference in South Carolina. “Again, another hate crime, in San Bernardino today, at least 14 people were killed. Less than a week ago, we had the shooting in Colorado. And look at all the things going on around the world, ISIS and groups like this, just hatred and evil. We need to be able to combat these things, because otherwise we will melt into despair, and that’s not who we are.”

Asked to explain why he said the shooting should be classified as a hate crime, Carson replied, “It’s hard to imagine you would shoot a bunch of people if you didn’t hate them, right? You don’t do that to people you love.”




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