NY Post just publicly slammed Obama in an EPIC way!

President Obama wishes he were the Reagan of the Left. He has expressed the sentiment many times. What he doesn’t understand is that there were two Ronald Reagans. There is only one Barack Obama.

By Kyle Smith, NY Post

Reagan was both a galvanizing speaker and a canny leader, an inspiring idealist and a tactician who knew how to get things done. He could do the poetry, and he could do the prose.

Obama talks, then believes the issue over. He doesn’t negotiate, doesn’t engage, not even with other Democrats. He thinks the speeches are the job. It’s like thinking all there is to marriage is the proposal.

Our current president admires Reagan for taking the ship of state on a bold new course. He noted in 2008 that “Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that, you know, Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not….He put us on a fundamentally different path.”

At dinner with a group of historians in 2010, he pressed them for Reagan’s secrets. “It became clear to several in the room,” Time reported, “that Obama seemed less interested in talking about Lincoln’s team of rivals or Kennedy’s Camelot than the accomplishments of an amiable conservative named Ronald Reagan, who had sparked a revolution three decades earlier.”



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