Heartwarming Story of How Firefighters Repaid a Waitress’ Act of Kindness

One act of kindness led to another in New Jersey when a waitress’ decision to pay for some firefighters’ breakfast prompted strangers to help her.

Here is what happened that started this chain of events.

After her amazing act of kindness, something wonderful happened.

Two firefighters stopped in a diner after an overnight shift containing a warehouse fire earlier this week and had breakfast at the Route 130 Diner in Delran, according to ABC News affiliate WPVI. A waitress, Liz Woodward, overheard the firefighters, Tim Young and and Paul Higgins, talking about the fire.

She wrote a note on the back of the check — complete with drawn fireman’s helmet and ax.

Young then shared a photo of the check, along with a call for his friends to visit the diner, and to “tip big” if they ever had Woodward as a waitress.

He didn’t stop there. He wrote another post highlighting a GoFundMe campaign that Woodward had started in December to pay for a wheelchair accessible van for her father.

“Turns out, the young lady who gave us a free meal is really the one that could use the help…” Young wrote.

There is more on this story, be sure to continue reading.


Heartwarming Story of How Firefighters Repaid a Waitress’ Act of Kindness – Yahoo




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