Wildlife Biology Student Falls Over Cliff 100 Ft, What Happened Next Will Give You Chills

Colorado, Marine Biology Student Maggie Michael was taking inventory and cataloging rare species of plants when she lost her footing due to loose gravel and rocks beneath her feet.

She tried grabbing rocks on her first 30-foot fall, but when she hit the ledge below her momentum kept her going. The Colorado State student hit the ground and immediately flipped — falling another 70 feet.

Maggie said ““I was pretty close to the edge and a rock when out from under my foot, so I lost my footing, and I just prayed, Jesus be with me and in that moment…”

What she saw next was amazing and beautiful. Listen to her tell what happened in the video below.


Full Story Continues Here:

Woman Slips Off A 100-Foot Cliff. It’s What She Sees While Falling That Gives Her Hope.



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