Are the Young Poised to Turn Right?

Young thinking people are going right. Young lazy people still go left.
Check it out:

Millennials today have totally bought, because of the media — they grew up in a media world. They grew up surrounded by media pummeling George Bush. There was no push-back from Bush. So it makes total sense that young, impressionable minds who had not been, odds are, properly educated on a number of things, as politicized as curricula as schools are, grew up hating Bush and blaming Bush for everything that had gone wrong and got caught up totally in the Obama hype and mentality and so therefore are gone.

They’re committed. It’s gonna be a while before they come around ’cause nobody likes to admit they were wrong. Nobody likes to admit they were fooled. Nobody likes to admit that they had a slick one pulled over on ’em so they’ll stay committed. And they believe that their ideals, there’s no judgment on anything, and whatever anybody wants to do is fine. That’s the definition of tolerance, equality, freedom, fairness, and all that.

But this guy’s point is that people born in 1998, they’re too young to remember the pummeling of Bush in the media, and they’re too young to really have been caught up in the Obama fever of 2008. That they have grown up and matured into their mid- to late teens and early twenties in a mess of a country, and the only president they’ve really known as mature people is Obama. He’s drawing a conclusion here that they’re not gonna want any more of this, and they’re not gonna blame Bush. They’re not gonna blame Republicans. Republicans aren’t in power.

Now, I don’t think that is automatic because you still have the media pummeling people each and every day and protecting Obama and insulating him as much as they can from any of this that is the disaster he has authored. But it is an interesting point. And to say that there is not generational shift and change is to miss another point. There clearly is. And the history of the country is that that has happened, and it’s one of the explanations for the country turning around.

Now, we’re in so deep that one election isn’t gonna make a difference. Not a lasting difference, even winning the presidency. A lot of work needs to be done. But I just think it’s an interesting point, and I wasn’t probably even gonna mention it ’til I saw the Graham Nash story, and I just wanted to be the bearer of bad news for Graham Nash.



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