I Was Warned About Justice Roberts

The sad thing is that we have many more years of Roberts’s disappointments.
Check it out:

Let me tell you a short story, and I’ve gotta do this with no names. Privacy is paramount when people tell me things. If it’s off the record, it’s off the record. This was not off the record, but I not gonna mention any names. But this goes back to the confirmation hearings of Justice Roberts. I was taken aside by a noted court authority who said, “You know, you guys are all worried about Kennedy being bought and paid for by Washington Post Style page articles. Kennedy’s not the guy you gotta look out for. Roberts is.”

I said, “What are you talking about?”

“Just keep a sharp eye. Roberts is the guy who’s gonna care what the media says.”

That was during the confirmation hearings, and then, lo and behold — and it wasn’t just care about what the media says. You know, Roberts is a legacy guy. By the way, this was not a criticism of Roberts. This was not somebody telling me, “Be careful! Don’t support this guy.” It was not that at all. It was just somebody telling me and making a prediction himself.

He said, “If you think you’re getting a rock solid, rigid, inflexible for the good conservative, that’s not who he is, Rush. I just want you to know.”

I can’t tell you who told me, I’m not gonna do that, but it was a noted court expert. What does the media say? It’s a “close source to the person who’s not authorized to speak,” talking to me. I took the pledge of anonymity or whatever they say. That’s what this is. It was not the same person who told me that the justices do not collaborate and do not try to persuade each other. Two different people. I know a lot of people, folks. I know it’s thought that I’m a hermit, but I know a lot of people, ’cause they seek me out. I don’t bother anybody.



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