Voter ID is so racist…

…that black voter turnout increased.

Check it out:

It’s difficult to keep track of who and what is “racist” these days.

For example, if you’ve mentioned that you think asking people to confirm their identity before they vote is a good idea, you’re probably a racist.

In fact, even the Department of (in)Justice thinks you are. They’re suing the state of North Carolina over their voter ID law. They claim that requiring people prove who they are will suppress the minority vote, which would make North Carolina (and the 34 other states with some form of voter ID law) horribly racist and evil.

I wonder what they’ll do with the fact that black voter turnout has actually increased under the law.

A new study from Judicial Watch compared the turnout in North Carolina’s 2010 primary with the 2014 primary (the first state wide election after the law passed in August 2013). The numbers show an increased turnout across demographics, but especially among black voters.



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