U.S. Govt. Editing Wikipedia To Smear Independent Media Personalities?

Liberals love to try and get their lies out there everywhere.
Check it out:

Edits to the Wikipedia profiles of Alex Jones and Abby Martin which malign the two alternative media personalities as Kremlin propagandists are linked to an IP address associated with the House of Representatives, prompting suggestions that the U.S. government is involved in an online smear campaign.

Yesterday evening a Wikipedia user attempted to edit radio host Alex Jones’ profile to add the sentence, “Following his appearances on Russia Today, there were allegations that he was a disinformation agent with ties to the Kremlin.”

A simple trace on the IP address that posted the entry reveals that the computer involved “is registered to Information Systems, U.S. House of Representatives.”

A separate edit describes RT host Abby Martin as a “Russian propagandist,” despite the fact that Martin made headlines back in March for publicly criticizing Russia’s involvement in Crimea on her own show. The IP address leads back to the same computer.

Although the Alex Jones entry remained pending, the entry describing Abby Martin as a “Russian propagandist” was posted live to Wikipedia before being amended a minute later.



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