Why do liberals think we should pay for abortion pills? Amazing.
Check it out:

It’s pretty easy to ignore anguished and angry tweets. But many liberals on Twitter perpetuated falsehoods about the rulings. They shouldn’t be ignored. They should be countered. Here are three of them.

Lie #1: Men are taking away women’s rights … again!

The easiest spin on the case was to frame the discussion away from religious rights, and make it a case of women’s rights. Feminists, liberal reporters, and even the White House got on the bandwagon for this one. The hashtag #NotMyBossesBusiness trended with the misleading message that employers were preventing their female employees from accessing birth control.

Upon news of the ruling, MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams tweeted, “Five men just told women all across America that their employers decide anything they want about their bodies.” A slight exaggeration?

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