This gets pretty funny.
Check it out:

The campaign of Republican Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran attempted to hold a conference call with the media on Wednesday, but was forced to cancel it midway through after someone highjacked the call with provocative questions about race.

Cochran adviser Austin Barbour had been giving remarks to reporters for about seven minutes during the call when an unnamed person interrupted and started asking questions.

“I’d like to know if black people were harvesting cotton, why do you think it’s ok to harvest their votes?” the activist said. “They’re not animals.”

Barbour told the activist he would answer questions after he was done giving his statement.

“If the individuals who’ve decided that they want to hijack this call will just let us get through with it, I’ll be glad to answer any of the questions,” Barbour said.

But after the person continued asking the same version of the question several more times, Barbour said he would kill the call and instructed journalists to contact him directly.

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