Where is the Telethon for the Children?

Liberals have other plans for the children.
Check it out:

Folks, I have a couple questions, just a couple questions here. If it’s so bad in El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras, and the kids are leaving — and they’re coming to the United States to escape utter chaos, the breakdown of civility — when are the children of Chicago gonna leave and try to get into the United States? I mean, it’s bad there.

Did see the shooting statistics coming out of Chicago? When are the kids there gonna leave? And speaking of all this, why hasn’t there been a hashtag? Where has the first lady been? We did a hashtag for the kidnapped kids in Nigeria, #BringBackOurGirls. Where’s the hashtag? There’s no telethon, there’s no tweet campaign to donate, and there’s not even a hashtag here!

Well, now, you may laugh, but, folks, I’m telling you something. I know it sounds funny. I sometimes naturally am. But the fact of the matter is, the very fact that there aren’t any of those things that usually accompany liberal causes means something else is going on with this. I mean, they are quick to do hashtags; they are quick to show solidarity. The natural thing here would be a hashtag, just based on what Obama said.

Obama has publicly said that he doesn’t want these kids. He’s told the parents down in these countries, “Keep the kids. Don’t send ’em.” He has not made a big deal of it, but he said it a couple times. A natural hashtag would be #KeepYourKidsAtHome, or #DoYouKnowWhereYourKidsArerRightNow, or some such thing.

There’s no hashtag. There’s no telethon. There’s none of the usual accompaniments that liberals attach to their causes that are designed to make an emotional connection with people and tug at people’s heartstrings. They’re not doing that. In fact, they’re trying to keep it all secret here!



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