This is the biggest rick with not securing the border.
Check it out:

Government sources told Breitbart News there is a “great uptick” of Special Interest Aliens (SIA) crossing the border since the surge of illegal immigrants have been crossing the southern border. SIAs are individuals entering the United States from foreign countries with terrorist links.

Although the problem of SIAs entering America is not new, Governor Rick Perry recently told Fox News:

We have record high numbers of other than Mexicans being apprehended at the border. These are people that are coming from states like Syria that have substantial connections back to terrorist regimes and terrorist operations. So we’re seeing record, historic high numbers of these individuals being apprehended.

A source who works among independent American security contractors along the southern border in Arizona and Texas told Breitbart News recently that six individuals from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen were picked up by U.S. border patrol near Laredo, Texas.

“That’s right along [the area] with the ranchers in Texas finding prayer rugs on their ranches, etcetera. [The SIAs] had 60,000 Iraqi Dinars ($51.00) apiece on them.”

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