Obama should have to pay for all his new dependents.
Check it out:

You know, speaking of these kids, when did they all of a sudden become “migrants”? First they were “illegal immigrants,” and then they became “undocumented workers,” and then they were “unaccompanied children,” and now all of a sudden they’ve become “migrants.” Not “migrant workers,” just “migrants.” You see Murrieta, California? Which that’s down near San Diego, right?

A bunch of people down there said, “Just get ’em out of here. We don’t want ’em here. Get ’em away.” And so the media reports, ” Tea Party! Tea Party! Tea Party racists! It’s the bigot Tea Party that doesn’t want these poor children in their neighborhoods.” It’s not the Tea Party. It’s the American people. They’re fed up! We’re being overrun here. You know, I get so frustrated when self-reliance gets castigated.

“When did that happen, Mr. Limbaugh?” I’ll tell you when it happens. You look at somebody down in their luck and you say, “Have you thought about trying to get a job?” And you get castigated for saying it! It’s insensitive and insulting to suggest that somebody take care of themselves now. “Get a job.” “Oh, easy for you to say!” Well, what else do we do? It’s what everybody else does.

Self-reliance, taking care of yourself? If you suggest that, you somehow are a mean person now.

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