You can know there will be compromise, but getting the border secured first has to be the top priority.
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I voted no on the Gang of Eight’s recent immigration reform bill for one reason—it did not include border security first.

Any immigration reform plan that does not include border security is not real reform, precisely because any plan that does not increase security insures that we will revisit this problem again in the future.

Right now we have a situation where people are rushing to our southern border because our current policy makes us a beacon for illegal immigration. Our hearts go out to these people, many of whom just want what’s best for themselves and their families.

President Obama now threatens to enact immigration reform by executive fiat. He says he’s got his phone and his pen and he will use them. If he takes his royal pen in hand and beckons the world to come across our borders without adequate border security, it will be a disaster for the country, and it will be the death knell for any meaningful bipartisan immigration reform.

Thanks to our current system, we have no way to properly accommodate people who want to come to this country to work. This is a failure of Washington, not the average American and certainly not would-be immigrants.

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