Putin is enjoying making Obama look like a fool.
Check it out:

“President Vladimir Putin of Russia said, Thursday, that he was closely following events in Israel. Referring to the Protective Edge campaign against rocket attacks originating in Gaza, Putin told rabbis from Israel and Europe, ‘I support Israel’s struggle, which is intended to protect its citizens.'”

There’s all kinds of — I mean, I’m glad you caught that because that is a fascinating, that’s a teachable moment, what’s happening there. Meanwhile, what’s Barry doing? Barry is in Austin, Texas, or in Colorado shooting pool, wishing he could accept an offer of a joint and then going to a public theater and making a speech all about how woe is him ’cause the Republicans want to sue him. Meanwhile, here’s Putin propping up Israel. And where’s Kerry? John Kerry’s over with the ChiComs playing the guitar, and when he finished there, he flew to Afghanistan.

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