This is probably why he tries to stay on the campaign trail.
Check it out:

Here’s President Obama, by the way, Wilmington, Delaware, port of Wilmington, he spoke about the downed Malaysian Airlines passenger jet in Ukraine. Listen to the profundity here of the opening line. Are you ready? Just listen. It’s about 27 seconds, but just listen. I mean, this is raw intelligence.

This is the kind of intelligence, folks, that we expected back in 2008. This is what they all meant when they said, “He’s a man unlike any who has ever walked among us! This is a man who is so much above us that we can just barely strive to keep up, knowing full well we never will.

We are always going to be in his wake!

“He’s always going to be so far ahead of us that we’ll be scratching our heads, but thankfully so that we are at least in his midst and alive at the same time he is. He is what we all waited for!” Here, you’ll hear it. It’s encapsulated here as a response to the jet being shot down in Ukraine, the opening line of the statement.

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