Obama Takes Selfie with Students, Says He’s ‘Tempted’ to Go with Them to Peru

But I thought Obama didn’t like photo ops…..
Check it out:

A day after saying he was not interested in photo ops, President Barack Obama bragged that he took a selfie with high school kids at a cafe on Thursday in exchange for a group picture of them once they got to Peru for a service trip.

During a speech in Austin, Texas, Obama said he met some high school kids at the Magnolia Cafe in Austin who were ready to go on a service trip to Machu Picchu in Peru. Obama said he told them, “I always wanted to go there.” They responded, “You can come with us if you want.”

Obama said he was “really tempted,” then added, “But I think there’s some things I gotta do.”

“In exchange for a selfie with them, they promised that they would send me a picture of them when they get there,” Obama stated. “I’m going to hold them to it.” Obama said he got their email addresses, and he would be “upset” if he did not receive a group photo.



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