Obama Look-Alike Dies in US Border Protection Commercial Aimed at Illegals

We’ll try anything but securing the border. We get everything else from China, maybe it’s time to get their great wall.
Check it out:

An actor with a striking resemblance to President Barack Obama stars — and dies — in a new federal government commercial aimed at preventing and scaring Central American migrants from attempting to illegally enter the United States.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) unveiled the commercial on Thursday on both sides of the border. According to ABC, the ads will be “dramatic, made in the telenovella fashion.”

The Obama doppelgänger is featured saying goodbye to his mother and father in Central America before making the treacherous journey north. He is then shown dead in the desert, sprawled on the ground — like the Guatemalan child who was recently found dead after he attempted the journey to America. That migrant’s mother reportedly urged him not to make the journey, which he wanted to do to earn money to help with his mom’s sickness.

ABC US News | ABC Sports News



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