Obama to GOP: Bring it on

Why should Obama be scared? Has he gotten in trouble for any of his countless scandals?
Check it out:

President Obama is embracing Republican criticism of his aggressive use of executive actions as he shifts his focus to the midterm elections.

The president is openly daring the GOP to challenge him, hoping he can parlay their complaints into ammunition for congressional Democrats who argue Republicans should be blamed for Washington’s dysfunction.

Democratic aides and strategists say the White House sees Speaker John Boehner’s promised lawsuit against his executive actions as a political gift because it dovetails with their preferred narrative, that the president has been acting where Congress has not.
“So sue me,” Obama said Tuesday of the lawsuit threat.

While Boehner’s lawsuit is meant to rally the GOP base, Democrats think the issue will help their party with its base and independent voters.

“Every time the Republicans attack the president for his executive actions, they are reminding the American people that unlike congressional Republicans, he is actually doing something to help them,” said senior presidential adviser Dan Pfeiffer.

While Republicans are using those stories to motivate their base, Obama hopes to show he’s trying to take action to improve the livelihoods of the middle class.

It’s not just the lawsuit that Obama is embracing as a gift.



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