Obama Fundraiser Held at Home of Pro-Illegal Immigration Director of Violent Machete Movies

Obama’s friends aren’t people you would want your kids to associate with.
Check it out:

Finally, Obama. Obama’s attending a fundraiser in Texas. He’s attending a fundraiser in Texas at the home of a movie producer, a man by the name of I think Robert Rodriguez. Robert Rodriguez movies are the Machete franchise movies. Are you familiar with those? They are bloody, gory, brutal, violent, I mean, they are some of the bloodiest movies you have ever seen. They star Danny Trejo, and this guy, this director of these movies is totally pro-illegal immigration. And that theme runs through his movies.

There are three of these Machete movies. Two of them have been made. The third one is in production or will soon be. Second one came out in the past year. There are decapitations, I mean, I don’t know how much fake blood they go through in these movies, but it could support Hollywood for a year. It would make some of these other R- and X-rated horror flicks look like nothing. But this guy is hosting Obama, $32,000-a-head fundraiser, pro-illegal immigration movie director, that’s where Obama is going in Texas, pro-illegal immigration. That theme is in his Machete movies.

Don Johnson starred in the first movie as a vigilante type former Texas Ranger guy who loves shooting pregnant illegal immigrant women, for example. And of course he’s a dastardly, horrible, bad guy. Jessica Alba stars as the heroine, pro-illegal immigration Hispanic who is the nicest and the sweetest and just so devoted to the cause. But these are totally pro-violence movies, pro-illegal immigration. And Obama is showing up at the home of the director of this series of movies for a massive fundraiser in the midst of this onslaught of illegal immigration.



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