Obama Could Easily Solve the Hobby Lobby Ruling, But His Party Chooses to Lie and Fundraise Off of It Instead

The lies liberals are telling about this are amazing. They don’t even try to understand the issue.
Check it out:

There’s nothing in the world to be offended by here. There’s no political ground that’s even been lost, as far as the left is concerned. If the issue is contraceptives for women, if the issue is something else, then the left might think that they’ve got a defeat here. But if this is really about somebody else paying for every woman’s birth control or abortions, with the morning-after pill and some such thing, then there’s no loss here. The only thing that happened is that the Constitution’s religion clause was upheld for a “closely held” corporation. They have the freedom to continue to practice their religion. But that freedom does not extend to their female employees being denied these medications.

Alito has referenced it and Anthony Kennedy has referenced it and TIME magazine is pointing this out now and goes so far as to say that in the nonprofit companies, the religious oriented, the insurance companies buy these contraceptives, and they can’t bill ’em back, and everybody here says, “Why don’t you just do that, Obama? It’s no big deal. Okay, so Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to pay for ’em, but just make somebody else.” And they don’t want to do that.

Back to the TIME magazine piece: “But the White House has chosen to first try for a legislative fix in Congress, where the chances of success are slim at best. Republicans are mostly united in praising the Supreme Court result, all but foreclosing chances that a change in the law makes its way through the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, where most GOP lawmakers still back repeal of the Affordable Care Act.”

So what does that mean? Fundraising! The White House has chosen to first try to go through the Republicans to fix it. What do you think’s going on here? In a nutshell, the women who work at Hobby Lobby have not been denied contraceptives. The only thing is that four of them will not be paid for by Hobby Lobby. They can get somebody else to pay for them that’s already been established through unilateral Obama regulations and executive actions, executive orders.

But rather than take the easy way, see, if this is really about women getting their abortion pills, they can do that in the next five minutes. It could have been done already. But instead Obama doesn’t want that. He wants these women to continue to believe they’ve been denied their birth control because of an evil Republican Christian company and the Republican Congress, and to prove it he’s gonna demand that the Republicans fix this, and there’s no way they’re gonna fix it because they don’t believe in it. They believe in the ruling.



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