Are the Nexties Rejecting Liberalism?

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that liberalism doesn’t work.
Check it out:

Kyle Smith in the New York Post, July 19th, a couple days ago. It was posted on their website late Saturday night, ran in the Sunday paper: “Could the Next Generation of Republicans Already be Here?” And his column is bouncing off the latest results of what looks like a Pew survey for the people in the press, and it was published in The Economist magazine on July 12th. Here’s how he opens the piece. Again, “Could the Next Generation of Republicans Already be Here?”

In fact, you’re gonna find this fascinating ’cause we have discussed this very thing for years on this program, the generational shift of one generation, A, finally, single generation maturing and saying, “Screw the world as it is. Screw the country as it is. We’re simply not gonna live your way, Dad and Mom, we’re just not going to.” This column purports to assert that we may have reached that generation.

“There’s probably never been a time when humanity wasn’t collectively in a torment and uproar about what its young folk were up to.” And that’s true. My parents thought the length of the Beatles’ hair was one of the most counterculture things they’d ever seen. Just the long mop-head hair. I said, “Hey, it looks no different than Moe on The Three Stooges.”

“Well, they’re funny.” They didn’t get the music. I finally said, “Mother, I’m gonna play you some Beatles songs recorded by the Hollyridge Strings, and when she heard the lyrics she said it’s some of the most beautiful stuff she’d ever heard. The last thing it was was counterrevolutionary. Anyway it’s true that every generation thinks its young people are going to the dogs.



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