Typical liberal, not his fault. What is wrong with liberals and their lack of ability to own up to their mistakes?
Check it out:

After The New York Times caught newly appointed Sen. John Walsh (D-MT) plagiarizing in a Masters thesis, he has an easy explanation. Post Dramatic Stress Disorder.

“I don’t want to blame my mistake on PTSD, but I do want to say it may have been a factor,” Walsh said to the Associated Press. “My head was not in a place very conducive to a classroom and an academic environment.”

That apparently caused him to lift several passages for his thesis without attribution, earning him a Master of Strategic Studies degree in 2007 from the U.S. Army War College.

According to the Associated Press, Walsh offered the excuse that he was seeing two doctors and taking medication to deal with nightmares, anxiety, and sleeplessness white he was at college.

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