The Modern Environmentalist Movement is the Home of Communism

It always comes back to big government.
Check it out:

“The modern environmentalist movement has become the new home of communism.” This was right around the time that the Berlin Wall was coming down. The Soviet Union, Glasnost, Perestroika were bombing out.

Gorbachev is not gonna be able to hold on, Reagan was going to emerge triumphant, and the spotted owl was the cause of the day for the militant environmentalists, and Earth First was out there sabotaging forests and timber companies and everything. I simply said that the modern environmentalist movement is the new home of wayward communists, and it is. Well, looky here!

The Daily Caller just posted: “130 Environmental Groups Call for an End to Capitalism — Environmentalists have declared that global warming can’t be stopped without ending the ‘hegemonic capitalist system,’ saying that cap-and-trade systems and conservation efforts are ‘false solutions.'” So all of you who have cut back from an SUV to a lawn mower or to a golf cart or some sort of new hybrid vehicle?

All of you who are going without what you used to use because you want to save the planet? Guess what? It doesn’t matter. Guess what? It’s not enough. Guess what? It won’t work. “‘The structural causes of climate change are linked to the current capitalist hegemonic system,’ reads the final draft of the Margarita Declaration, presented at a conference including about 130 environmental[ist wacko] groups.

“‘To combat climate change it is necessary to change the system,’ the declaration adds. Environmental[ist wacko] activists met in the oil-producing, socialist country of Venezuela as part of a United Nations-backed event to increase civil engagement in the lead up to a major climate conference.” (interruption) I know you… Here’s the thing. Here’s… (interruption)

You can’t hear it, but my trusty aide-de-camp and loyal chief of staff, H.R. “Kit” Carson — who is, by the way, screening calls today ’cause Snerdley so enjoyed the spiritual retreat last Friday, he’s gone back for three days this week. H.R. just said to me, “You know, I remember when you said that way back then, that the environmental movement was the new home of communism!”



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