Memo to CNN: Race Has Nothing to Do with Our Opposition to Obama and Holder

These liberal racists make things worse with their lies.
Check it out:

Erin Burnett did play a montage of Democrats talking about taking back our country. She did play that sound bite, or a sound bite, a montage, of Democrats using the phrase, too. But these guests of hers I guess were not asked to comment on it or it was not played for them side by side with my comment.

But I’ll tell you what you need to do here. ‘Cause this is what the left does every damn time to shut down debate. It’s not about racism; it’s about liberalism. So the next time somebody goes on CNN and says “take back our country” is racist, substitute racism with liberalism. Every time you hear one of these people blame it all on race or accuse us of being racist, you substitute that word with liberalism, and you’ll be accurate. You’ll find out what it is that we oppose; what it is that we’re trying to save ourselves from; what it is that we’re trying to take back our country from. It is liberalism, socialism, statism, whatever the hell you want to call it.

Race has nothing to do with it! Certainly not Obama’s skin, nothing to do with it, nor Holder’s. That is the most irrelevant aspect of this. It is used to paralyze people from being critical, properly so, of this president. It doesn’t work on me, but it does work on most. They shut up ’cause they don’t want people like Sunny going on television calling them racists. I don’t care, because I know that you know that it’s bogus.

I told everybody one year before Obama was elected, I told everybody one year before Obama was inaugurated that the fact he was black was gonna eliminate any criticism. One of the purposes would be to freeze any criticism, because all of it would be labeled as racist in origin. It’s exactly what they’ve done for the last five and a half years, any criticism at all, especially legitimate, right-on criticism. They relegate it to racism and bigotry and they try to disqualify it that way. I knew this was gonna happen, told everybody it was gonna happen. These people make me sound like the most brilliant guy on radio. Well, I am. But they help.



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