Lois Lerner Suddenly Remembers She DID Keep Copies of Email

Is there any level of lie that liberals won’t try?
Check it out:

A WaPo wow.

Lois Lerner is, indeed, the tip of a very cold and ugly iceberg that needs to experience severe, special-prosecutor-led anthropogenic “climate change” until the agency is completely melted, and overflows in a devastating flood that inundates a bunch of high political offices.

From Ed Rogers column: “The Insiders: More IRS smidgens show up. ‘Perfect.’”

In a stunning revelation this week, it was disclosed that former IRS official Lois Lerner told colleagues,“we need to be cautious about what we say in emails” and then proceeded to ask the IRS IT department, in an e-mail, “if [instant messaging] conversations were also searchable.” When she was told they were not, she e-mailed back, “Perfect.” This is a smoking gun e-mail in that it makes plain she had a cover-up in mind. There is no other plausible explanation.



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