Libertarians Are The New Communists

You can get a bit of a sense of sarcasm in this article. The fun part is conservatives agree with libertarians on fiscal issues. And at least on social issues it is more of neutral response instead of an opposite. Basically what I am saying is conservatives and libertarians can easily work together. True compromise is a lot easier with someone you agree with instead of someone who is opposite of you.
Check it out:

These illustrious Bloomberg progressives are exactly right. Libertarians are the new communists. I don’t believe I have read a more factually based polemic that reflects the truth of history concerning those would-be commissars cloistered at the Mises Institute and similar environs.

Just last Wednesday I drove past one of those infamous libertarian gulags which have imprisoned and killed tens of millions of zeks (prisoners) on my way to a funeral in Wakita, OK.

The horror, the horror!

This unspeakable oppression has been happening for centuries due to these plutocratic plunderers hiding behind an ideological mask of cold, insidious anti-statism.

Libertarians brutally imposed on mankind their so-called “Industrial Revolution” which drove happy, contented, and well-fed peasants into grimy, over-crowded urban cesspools (festering with Cholera) to become enslaved proletarians in dark satanic mills and factories. If you want to see the model nation which resisted this savage and rapacious stench of industrialism, carefully examine that veritable utopian paradise on Earth, Ireland in the 1840s. Oh, to have been alive during those halcyon and glorious days on the Emerald Isle!



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