The Left Wants to Erase the Borders and Break the Country Columbus Pretended to Discover

Liberals love to rewrite history.
Check it out:

Not secure, there’s no border. The problem is that the border is being erased. When you get down to brass tacks, there’s this little thing called sovereignty, and we appear to be unconcerned about it. Now, I think Texas Governor Perry does want the National Guard, but only ’cause he could send ’em to the border. Now, I’m gonna warn you here, Don: The Drive-By Media would love for this to be a militia story.

They would love to be able to find some goofballs wearing turkey hats that take old buses down there from some state. They would love that. You don’t want to encourage that. That’s not gonna accomplish anything. This is a Regime responsibility, pure and simple. But I appreciate the call. I thank you. The border has become a bus depot. (interruption) How come we can’t tell these other governments to keep their people in or else?

Are you forgetting the news of last week? The presidents of Mexico and, I think, Guatemala actually had a meeting to facilitate the children of Guatemala transversing the Mexican southern border. The government of Mexico is working with the government of Guatemala to — I don’t know– facilitate the migration. Nobody’s trying to stop it! (interruption) No, we have not said… (sigh) I don’t know of any…

When is the last time, for example, the government of the United States told the government of Mexico to get a handle on this and to stop it? Do you remember when that’s ever happened? (interruption) That doesn’t happen. (interruption) When? (interruption) Oh, well, okay. Eisenhower, for crying out loud. Well, it’s not Jurassic Park here. We’re talking about in the modern era, and it doesn’t happen, and it certainly isn’t gonna happen with Obama.



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