At Last! A Hashtag for Middle East Peace

This seems to be the new way of action.
Check it out:

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Israeli and Palestinian, slash, Hamas conflict has just reached a new level of seriousness with the low-information voters finally getting clued in. There is now a hashtag on Twitter. Can the end of this war be far behind?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a hashtag. #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies is the new hashtag, and, as such, we can expect peace to break out any moment. Now, I understand some of you, “Rush, why are you so cynical about people getting involved and showing how much they care and trying to help?” I know these are the questions that some people ask. To me those are embarrassing questions. They’re embarrassing questions to have to answer. No, no. They’re not embarrassing to have to answer. Well, they are in a way, but it’s embarrassing that they’re asked.

This is what is becoming of what used to be serious thought. I mean, this hashtag is a direct product or a direct result of what has been said to be education throughout our public school system, conflict resolution 101, can’t we all just get along, can’t we all just be friends. At the root of it is the failure to accept and failure to believe that there are bad guys. And at the root of it is this ridiculous assumption that we’re all the same, that we’re all equal, that we all have equal amounts of goodness, and we all have equal amounts of badness. And if we can just get the excess of badness out of what are essentially good people then everything will be fine.

So we can shame the bad people with a hashtag on Twitter. It doesn’t work that way. It never has worked that way. It is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. It’s not a world governed by words, doctors, clean water, speeches, or what have you. Now, I understand some people are just doing this ’cause they want to get in on the story. They want to be involved. But some people actually think that it’s gonna matter. And that’s another aspect of it, and this is understandable psychologically. Everybody’s searching for meaning in their lives. The left uses that to great effect. Global warming debate, you name it. Tell people they’re destroying something but they can redeem themselves with proper political ideological behavior, and bammo, you’ve got instant supporters.



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