Joe Biden: Gay Marriage Fulfills Declaration of Independence

Liberal logic sometimes makes you scratch your head.
Check it out:

On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden used an Independence Day celebration and speech in Philadelphia to compare gay marriage to the Civil Rights Movement and push for more gay marriage.

According to The Hill, “[Biden] said he was reminded of two Philadelphias, one where the Declaration of Independence was signed 238 years ago and the other in Mississippi where civil rights workers were murdered in June 1964, two weeks before President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.” After saying that the two Philadelphias helped give meaning to the words “all men are created equal,” Biden reportedly said that gay marriage was the next battle to expand the “notion that all men are created equal.”

“You should be able to marry whomever you love,” he said, adding, “We have a lot more to do to fulfill the promise and meaning of the Declaration.”



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