ISIS Using Chemical Weapons

Obama has allowed terrorists to flourish.
Check it out:

Kurdish news outlets are reporting incidents in which ISIS is believed to have used chemical weapons against Kurdish soldiers.

The Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been indispensable in containing the spread of ISIS, organizing in unprecedented numbers to fight ISIS where the Iraqi military deserted, surrendered, or were executed en masse. Kurdish forces reported it exceptionally difficult to fight ISIS, as jihadists come to the battlefield hoping to die and receive expected rewards in the afterlife.

The Kurdish outlet Firat News is now reporting that spokesmen for the Kurdish army are denouncing ISIS for use of chemical weapons. Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) spokesman Rêdûr Khalil issued a statement denouncing the use of chemical weapons in Syrian Kurdistan:

Kobanê canton has been exposed to the cruel attacks of the terrorist ISIS militants for some time. In these attacks, ISIS gangs are using all kinds of weapons, including the thermal missiles of USA. Nonetheless, after the first researches and medical control which was done by health team of Kobanê canton and experts on the wounded and martyred fighters, it has been proved that the ISIS gangs have used chemical weapons. Doctors found burns and white dots on the bodies of the martyrs.



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