ISIS, Boko Haram share aim to establish Muslim empire

Once Muslims get on the same page with a choice for their Caliphate, the world better watch out.
Check it out:

The motive fueling the recent kidnapping of 186 Kurdish school children by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria also was behind Boko Haram’s May seizure of more than 250 school girls in Nigeria, according to Middle East and terrorism analysts.

While an immediate goal is to strike fear in the hearts of the enemies of Islam, the ultimate aim is for the children, their parents and their communities to adopt the jihadists’ fundamental Islamic beliefs and submit to Shariah, or Islamic law, said Heritage Foundation Middle East analyst Jim Phillips.

Boko Haram’s campaign of terror includes massacres of Christians and destruction of their churches. Only a few dozen of the schoolgirls have been able to escape their captors, and the government has declared a state of emergency across the region.

ISIS recently was blamed for the kidnapping of the boys from Syria who had traveled to Aleppo for academic testing. They were on their way home when terrorists intercepted a convoy of minibuses and took the boys to Minbej for “training.”

“The two groups are very similar in one sense, because it’s one way for the terrorists to impose their will and intimidate the parents of these young people, not just the young people themselves,” Phillips said.



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