Iron Dome tackles Hamas rockets, but fear remains

Putting terrorists in their place is always a good thing.
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The success of Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome has not shielded civilians like Hadar Zilberstein from the constant fear of increasingly frequent and sophisticated rockets launched from Gaza, but the thought of life without it is changing opinions on the ground.

As Israel Defense Forces continue to press inside Gaza in a bid to close off tunnels and stop the constant bombardment from the Hamas-controlled territory, the barrage of rockets has continued. Early Tuesday, a rocket launched from Gaza hit the Tel Aviv suburb of Yehud, burrowing into the roof of a home with a 60-pound warhead that failed to detonate. It was a reminder of how, even as Israel’s defenses have improved, Hamas rockets have increased dramatically in payload and range.

“When you see it with your own eyes and it gets close to you, it gets too real,” said Zilberstein, who avoided a separate incident on Saturday night in Nes Ziona. “You’re just frightened for your life. You just want to be home.”

Zilberstein, 29, recounted pulling into the parking lot at her job in the coastal town just south of Tel Aviv and hearing the rocket siren even as a missile passed over her. It crashed into a nearby field, sending shrapnel flying, but injuring no one despite the deadly intent behind it.



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