Iran Attempting To Rearm Hamas With Missiles

The terrorists agree on one thing for sure. Destroying Israel at every chance they get.
Check it out:

Amid international calls for a cease-fire, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah organization is already implementing plans to rearm Hamas in the Gaza Strip with more missiles following any truce, according to informed Middle Eastern defense officials.

Israel, meanwhile, continues its aerial offensive aimed at minimizing Hamas’ rocketing capabilities as the Arab League and the European Union join other international calls for a truce. Among them are Secretary of State John Kerry, who has offered to broker a cease-fire.

Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem say Israel is willing to discuss a 48-hour respite in the military campaign targeting Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure while a longer-term truce is negotiated.

The sources said it is Hamas that has rejected the truce, believing it can still achieve a mass-casualty event inside Israel so that it can emerge from the week-long confrontation declaring a “victory.”

To that effect, Hamas attempted Monday to escalate its attacks with bombardments of southern Israeli communities and foiled attempts to send drones into Israel.



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