This should be a great sign for conservatives to make epic gains.
Check it out:

The Hill reports that using immigration reform as a 2014 campaign issue has become a dead end for Democrats, who are avoiding the subject as they run for Congress.

Part of the problem for Democrats is that the very group most vitally interested in the issue, the Latino population, will likely have little impact on the specific races that are critical, with the exception of Mark Udall’s senatorial race in Colorado.

The group most likely to swing the various elections, according to The Hill, is white working-class voters, who are more interested in the plunge in wages that has resulted from higher immigration. This is reflected in Barack Obama’s dwindling support among white voters without college degrees.

Steve Jarding, a Democratic strategist and former advisor to several senators, complained:

In light of turnout models it’s probably not as strong an issue as it would be in presidential years. I still think Democrats have fumbled this issue because they allow the issue to be played on Republican terms. Republicans are trying to suggest immigration is the reason wages are suppressed and it’s a racial issue. I don’t like it. That’s what they’re doing cynically. They’re saying when you get immigration, you suppress the wages of non-immigrants, i.e. white people.

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