Shouldn’t there be some kind of 3 strikes and you’re out thing?
Check it out:

Multiple deportations are not stopping Central Americans from vowing to try again to illegally enter — and remain — in the United States.

Illegal immigrants who have been deported and those that were caught before they made it to the United States are thinking of even more creative approaches they can use to enter the United States.

According to NBC News, “nearly every mother” interviewed at a repatriation center in Honduras that expects to receive about “10 buses a week” of people who were caught making the journey to America “said they would leave Honduras again until they were permanently in the United States.”

One “woman who arrived Friday with nearly 200 others” told NBC News that “she has tried to flee Honduras three times in an effort to reach her family in New York” and nothing would stop her from trying again. This time, she said she will try to enter the United States illegally on a raft.

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