Holder Says ‘Taking Our Country Back’ Is Racist … But Remember When Liberals Used to Say It?

It is hilarious the things that racists try to call racist.
Check it out:

As it’s grown in influence and power, the Tea Party movement is increasingly being attacked by fearful liberals looking for ways to paint it as racist. One of their favorite lines of late is that the desire to “take the country back” is actually veiled bigotry, even a call to return to institutionalized racism. Considering how many liberals used this phrase during the Bush 43 administration, however, this is yet another case of media liberals throwing stones from a glass house.

“We’re talking about the extreme portions of the tea party movement and they’re overwhelmingly white. Those are the folks that are saying I want my country back,” Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart said on today’s “Morning Joe”. “And it does have that tinge of I want my country back from them.” The word racism was never mentioned, but check out the video below the fold. The implication was clear.

No word yet on whether Capehart and every other media personality to parrot this line of attack also think racism animates Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, James Carville, Paul Begala, Nation editor in chief Katrina vanden Heuvel, and libtalker Thom Hartmann. All have used the phrase “take our country back” or some form of it in electoral rallying cries.



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