Hamas Truce Demands: Airport, Seaport

You can’t negotiate with terrorists.
Check it out:

Among its conditions for a long-term cease-fire, Hamas is demanding its own corridor to the Mediterranean Sea as well as the reconstruction of an airport in the Rafah region of the Gaza Strip, according to Egyptian diplomatic sources.

Egypt is currently serving as a mediator between Israel and Hamas over Israel’s military campaign aimed at minimizing Hamas’ rocket infrastructure.

The new conditions for an airport and sea access likely will be nonstarters for Israel, which fears Hamas attempts to rearm itself. Indeed, such free access to the Gaza Strip would likely negate Israel’s major gains in recent days in taking out Hamas’ rocket caches.

Rafah’s former airport, once known as the Yasser Arafat Airport, was bombed by Israel in 2001, during the height of the Second Palestinian Intifada.

Other Hamas truce conditions, the Egyptian sources told WND, include a complete end to Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza, the reopening of the Egypt-Gaza crossings and the release of more than 60 Hamas officials arrested by Israel in the West Bank in response to the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens.



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