Government Admits They Can’t Weed Out Illegals and Fraudsters from Obamacare Applications

Government incompetence at its finest.
Check it out:

By their own admission, Regime “officials can’t resolve 85% of 2.9 million ‘inconsistencies’ on applications for ObamaCare even after nine months of trying. … Most of the problems involve certifying citizenship and income, key components of the national health plan.”

So 85% of 2.9 million inconsistencies involving certifying citizenship can’t be fixed. I read in another story over a million of these inconsistencies involve illegal immigrants. “Just 425,000 problematic applications have been resolved out of 2.9 million that states and the federal exchange reported … Only citizens are eligible for Obamacare, and only people at certain income levels are eligible for tax credits and subsidies. But in 77 percent of the applications under scrutiny, federal records differed from what applicants submitted on those two key qualifications.”

How does that happen? How does an applicant say something and what gets entered is different? The applicant doesn’t have access to the government computer or the government website. All they can do is fill in the form, fill in the blanks, and then after that somebody’s changing it? Federal records differed from what applicants submitted on the two key qualifications, citizenship and income level?

Let me spell this out for you. Most of the people that signed up are the people who defraud the system in any other government program. That’s who most of the signatories or the applicants are, and they’re lying about citizenship and income. But the government says it’s “committed to verifying the eligibility of consumers who apply for enrollment in qualified plans.” Yeah, yeah, they’re committed to it, but they say these inconsistencies — (interruption) It’s incomprehensible. It’s just beyond the ability to comprehend.



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