Glenn Beck: ‘Not My Intent’ to Entice More Illegal Immigrants

Beck is usually pretty smart on the issues, but this time has played right into the liberals hands.
Check it out:

Glenn Beck said that even if passing out teddy bears and soccer balls to illegal immigrant children entices more parents in Central American to send their children to the U.S., it was never his “intent” to lure more illegal immigrant children to unlawfully enter the country or put more children in danger.

On Wednesday’s The Kelly File on Fox News, host Megyn Kelly mentioned that Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large John Nolte wrote, in response to those who criticized conservatives who opposed Beck’s effort as lacking compassion, that the truly “compassionate thing to do is to ensure you’re not doing anything that might encourage more parents to send their unaccompanied children on that harrowing trek.”

Kelly asked Beck to respond to Nolte’s belief that “it is not insane, unreasonable, or lacking in compassion to argue that news of a major American media figure greeting children at the border with toys could be used by the drug smugglers and human traffickers already exploiting these kids as a way to recruit more.”

“That may be, but that’s not my intent,” Beck replied, saying he was strongly motivated by justice and mercy.



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