Glenn Beck: Don’t Focus on the Illegal Immigrant Killers, Rapists, Gangsters

Try telling that to the victims. I guess we shouldn’t focus on the terrorist part of Islam either. Or the government takeover part of liberalism. Glenn has let the left get to him on this one.
Check it out:

On the day before he goes to the U.S.-Mexico border to pass out teddy bears and soccer balls to illegal immigrant children, radio host Glenn Beck declared that Americans should not focus on the gangsters, rapists, and killers who have accompanied some of those children across the border.

“This is about mercy not just for the people coming across the border; this is about mercy to our own Americans – the people who are the farmers, the ranchers, the sheriff’s department that don’t sleep anymore, the border patrol,” Beck said on his Friday radio program. “Don’t focus on the MS-13 gang members, rapists and the killers. That’s for the government. That’s for the government to do their job. That’s justice, and I demand justice. But we are to provide mercy.”

Beck made his remarks two days after Breitbart Texas broke the story about an illegal immigrant who was arrested for murder after being released from a detention center in June with a “notice to appear,” which illegal immigrants often mistake for a “permiso” to indefinitely remain in the United States.



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