George W. Bush Didn’t Cause Katrina, But Barack Obama Caused This Border Crisis

Liberals have a major double standard when it comes to Obama.
Check it out:

Have you noticed, President Obama is out whining and moaning about the Republicans and their lack of action on immigration or any number of things? And the thing that puzzles me about that is, didn’t Obama say recently, hasn’t Obama said many times that he’s got a phone and he’s got a pen. And hasn’t he said that if they don’t do anything, I’m gonna do it? If they don’t do anything, you know, I’m not gonna sit around here and do nothing. I’m not gonna sit around here and not get anything done. If they don’t do anything I’m just gonna do it. But now all of a sudden the president is not doing anything about the border because he says the Republicans are tying his hands.

Now, I don’t expect the low-information voters to get the contradictory irony in that, but this is an example of how he gets it both ways. He runs around and pleases his base by saying, “Well, if these deadbeats aren’t gonna do anything, I’m gonna do it myself. I’m not gonna sit around here and do nothing.” And then within a matter of hours or days, “Well, I can’t do anything ’cause those Republicans won’t help me, they won’t do anything, Republicans, just sitting there, I can’t do anything without them.”

Let me give you an example. Last night in Dallas, after the president had his yuk session with Rick Perry — have you seen the photo-ops from that, by the way? I saw I think it was two pictures, might have been the same picture published twice. It’s Rick Perry at the far end on the left of a long conference table. He’s sitting by himself, there’s a vacant seat, and then in the same row there’s some people, I guess from his offices, administration. On the other side, every seat is filled, Obama’s in the middle of the table, Perry’s down at the far end on the left on his side, and Perry is sitting there looking — I mean, he’s just got a blank look on his face. It’s not blank. He’s either really frustrated, really angry, or something like that.

Obama is just having the best old time. He’s laughing and yukking it up, and it is a photo for the ages because people sit around and analyze it ’cause nobody knows what was going on at the moment the photo was taken. You know, somebody cracked a joke, Obama cracked one of his own jokes, laughing at it and Perry thinks, you know, this is nothing funny. I’m not laughing. Who knows. Nobody knows. But it looks like Perry is dead serious and is very focused and Obama, he’s just having the best old time. Nothing serious going on and nothing serious being discussed. Nah, there’s nothing to see here, nothing going on. Obama is just sitting there having a grand old time while Rick Perry looks dead serious and half ticked off.



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