How Gay is America? Not So Much

The way liberals act you would think every other person is gay.
Check it out:

Okay, you’re a casual observer of media and let’s say that you spend a lot of time watching prime-time television. You can’t miss a television show where one or more of the stars, major characters, are gay. Story lines revolve around the gay lifestyle, homosexuality, any number, both socially and politically. You can’t miss it. It is everywhere in the pop culture.

Now, how does this happen? If less than 3% of the population is gay, how does 2.3% of the population end up dominating both the pop culture and political worlds? How does this happen? I would venture to say that people who do not know, solely by virtue of their immersion in pop culture, would be shocked to learn the gay population is less than 3%. Most of them would think it’d be much higher, what with all the talk about gay marriage, what with all the gay entertainment story lines presented, by the way, in a positive way, not snarky or anything of the sort.

So I imagine a lot of people hearing this are surprised. “What? Less than 3%, how can that be?” So put another way, 97% of the population is not. So how does it happen? To me, folks, this is a fascinating question and answer that explains how major culture shift occurs. How in the world can 2% of the American population end up dominating, in many ways, an entire political party and entertainment pop culture? Because there is an answer to this.

They couldn’t do it alone. They’re not large enough. There aren’t enough. They do not, in strength and numbers alone, have any power whatsoever. So from where do they get their power? How do they derive it and how is it used and how is it implemented? And then how is that power used to persuade? And, by the way, not just persuade, but to effect real change?

Let’s do it another way. What percentage of the population of this country self-identifies as conservative? The last I saw it was 35, 37%, something, might be 33. Don’t know. The exact number is not important. It’s over 30, and it’s under 40, so it’s somewhere in there. The self-identified portion of the population that’s liberal is 20%. The self-admitted gay population is 2%. So how is it that a combined 22% of the population has succeeded in relegating 37% of the population as the real minority, and not just a minority, but an extreme, wacko, insane, lunatic, you name it, minority?

How has it been possible?



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