Flashback: Obama Mocked Us in El Paso

China has the answer! Build a great wall.
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Check it out:

A couple of sound bites for you. These are interesting. We’re gonna go back to May 10th, 2011, El Paso, Texas. Obama went down there and in his typical arrogant, condescending way, mocked all of us who said the border was not secure. This is one of the previous efforts that the Regime and the DC establishment were engaged in to secure amnesty, and the anti-amnesty forces like us were demanding that before you do anything, before you talk to us about amnesty or how to bring ’em out of the shadows, secure the border. And Obama went down there to El Paso, which is right across the bridge from Juarez, and mocked everybody who said the border wasn’t secure. We have two sound bites.

Never be satisfied. Yeah, could be our motto. “Never be satisfied as long as you’re in charge of fixing things because they don’t get fixed.” So he goes down there, brags and mocks and talks about all these massive improvements, but no matter what he does, no matter how many fixes he engenders, no matter how many steps he takes to secure the border, we’re never gonna be satisfied, we’re never gonna be happy, we’re always gonna be asking for more. Looked at three years later, who deserves to be mocked? Certainly not us.



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