How to finish off whatever’s left of the GOP

Leave it to the losers currently running the Republican Party, and the Leftist media trolls whose approval they covet, to combine to concoct a way to lose again in 2016.
Check it out:

I’d rather impale my tongue on a rusty nail, then have to take a tetanus shot with a dull needle in my eye ball, then write another column about Mitt Romney.

After years spent fighting to stop him from capturing the nomination because I knew he couldn’t win for all the reasons he didn’t, but then wanting him to win more than he seemed to want to, I had hoped we had finally heard the last of the double-minded chameleon born on third and credited with a triple. By all rights we should have. Jimmy Carter hasn’t been an influential voice in the Democrat Party since 1980, and he actually won the presidency once.

However, never underestimate two things:

1) The ego of a bored multi-millionaire.

2) The ruling class’ complete disdain for the American patriot.



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