Leave it to the losers currently running the Republican Party, and the Leftist media trolls whose approval they covet, to combine to concoct a way to lose again in 2016.
Check it out:

I’d rather impale my tongue on a rusty nail, then have to take a tetanus shot with a dull needle in my eye ball, then write another column about Mitt Romney.

After years spent fighting to stop him from capturing the nomination because I knew he couldn’t win for all the reasons he didn’t, but then wanting him to win more than he seemed to want to, I had hoped we had finally heard the last of the double-minded chameleon born on third and credited with a triple. By all rights we should have. Jimmy Carter hasn’t been an influential voice in the Democrat Party since 1980, and he actually won the presidency once.

However, never underestimate two things:

1) The ego of a bored multi-millionaire.

2) The ruling class’ complete disdain for the American patriot.



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