Feds to spend big bucks so jobless feel OK

Stop giving people money to not work and they will work.
Check it out:

The federal program Job Corps will tap into a proposed $1.7 billion budget not simply to provide career-development services to at-risk men and women but to raise awareness of the “inherent goodness” found in each human being.

The money will be spent to make people feel good.

The “I Am Somebody” initiative for fiscal year 2015 will teach appreciation of “ethnic diversity” in response to problems among job training and other employment-assistance recipients, according to the project Statement of Work, or SOW, which WND located via routine database research.

“Recently Job Corps students have shown intolerance for students who look different than them or have abilities different from theirs,” according to the SOW.

“The workshop is designed to help Job Corps students, ages 16-24, appreciate the ethnic diversity at the Job Corps Center in which they are seeking their trade or higher education.”

The project’s name mirrors that of a poem frequently recited by Rev. Jesse Jackson and attributed to Rev. William H. Borders Sr.

Jackson in 1971 on the PBS show “Sesame Street” recited the piece – containing declarations such as “I may be on welfare/But I am somebody” – with a multi-ethnic group of children:



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