‘Farm Animal Sex’ Sign Tries to Scare Off Housing Development

Liberals think food magically appears at Wal-Mart.
Check it out:

Residents of a rural area in Florida are fighting a proposed housing development by putting up signs warning their potential new neighbors about what really goes on at farms in Englewood.

Specifically: Noisy, smelly, outdoor sex.

Area residents are against the project, which would bring about 80 new homes into the neighborhood, because the Tromble Bay development would take up at least 40 acres of land and change what the region is all about.

“We are hobby farms. People come to see our animals. We raise our own animals,” Englewood resident Sue Young told WWSB. “They want to put 80 homes on what used to be an equestrian farm. We just don’t want to be changed in the zoning. We are farms, and Englewood should have farms.”
Young posted the smelly-sex sign.

A portion of it reads, “Farms have animals. Animals make funny sounds, smell bad and have sex outdoors. Unless you can tolerate noise, odors and outdoor sex, don’t buy property next to a farm.”

The sign is designed to be a warning.



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